Projects Accomplished

  • Church Exploration and Litter Picking with the students of LGS, St. Mary’s and Sacred Heart School-Multan 31st March, 2014


    Students from LGS, St. Mary’s Convent and Sacred Heart explored Most Holy Redeemer’s Church happily and respectfully. The really enjoyed this informative tour and learn … Continue reading

  • Bins Painting with the students of SOS & Village-Multan
    30th March 2014


    Seven integrated teams of SOS school & village students painted the logo of  TEPF on fourteen bins donated to them. They painted the bins very … Continue reading

  • Kitchen Garden with the students of SOS & Village-Multan
    30th March 2014


    Students of SOS school & Village students gathered again to create a kitchen garden at SOS youth home and planted different vegetable seedlings of summer … Continue reading

  • Church Exploration and Walls Painting with the students of SOS and St. Joseph School, Bishop House-Multan
    29th March, 2013


    Students from SOS Village joined the students of St. Joseph Bishop House for exploration of Most Holy Redeemer’s Church very respectfully. The Bishop reinforced the … Continue reading

  • Walls Painting with the students of St. Mary’s and Sacred Heart School – Multan 28th March, 2014


    Awesome painting of walls RED done by St. Mary’s Convent and Sacred Heart students without taking care of their dresses they climbed ladders to reach … Continue reading

  • Bins Painting with the students of St. Joseph School, Bishop House – Multan
    17th March, 2014


    Bins painted by the St. Joseph School Bishop house students on their campus and enjoyed a lot while painting. See Pictures

  • Walls Painting with the Students of LGS – Multan
    15th March, 2014


    Brilliant job of painting the brick walls RED, the best activity enjoyed the most by LGS students. They did an awesome job as if they … Continue reading

  • Walls and Bins Painting with the Students of LGS – Multan
    14th March, 2014


    Three integrated teams of LGS Boys & Girls did a fantastic job of scrapping walls and then painting the school walls RED!! Teams also painted … Continue reading

  • Plantation with the Students of LGS – Multan
    28th February, 2014

    DSC01842 - Copy

    LGS students did a great job planting 18 trees & 20 ivy plants on their Campus. After Plantation they practiced the song “Yeh Vatan Humara … Continue reading

  • Plantation and Bins Painting with LGS & St. Joseph Saeed Colony – Multan
    27th February, 2014


    Over eighty students from LGS were bused to Saeed Colony for Tree Planting activity. The kids from two schools (Muslims from LGS & Christians from … Continue reading

  • Cleaning and Paint Prep with St. Mary’s and St. Joseph School – Multan
    19th February, 2014


    Awesome job done by Sacred Heart & St. Mary’s Convent students as they prepared St. Joseph School Bishop House for paint job. Girls got on … Continue reading

  • Litter Picking and Grass Planting with Sacred Heart School and St. Mary’s School – Multan
    18th February 2014


    Students of Sacred Heart & St. Mary’s Convent gathered again and done a marvelous job by picking Biodegradable/ non-biodegradable trash and planting grass at the … Continue reading

  • Tree & Grass Planting with SOS and St. Joseph School at St. Joseph School, Saeed Colony-Multan
    9th February 2014


    Over 60 students from SOS were bused to St. Joseph, Saeed Colony for tree and grass planting where four groups were made and planted trees and … Continue reading

  • Cleaning & Composting with SOS and St. Joseph School at St. Joseph School, Bishop House-Multan
    8th February 2014


    Awesome job done by St. Joseph School Bishop’s house students on 8th February 2014 as they cleaned their school for paint job and practiced composting … Continue reading

  • Litter Picking & Tree Planting with St. Joseph, St. Mary’s & Sacred Heart School at St. Joseph School, Bishop House-Multan
    7th February, 2014


    Litter Picking and Tree planting activity was organized where three integrated teams of students of St. Mary’s Convent and Sacred Heart high school and St. … Continue reading

  • Kitchen Gardening with LGS and SOS – Multan
    1st February, 2014


    After the Celebration of Eid Milad, TEPF organized another activity in which students of LGS and SOS Multan grouped together to create six kitchen gardens … Continue reading

  • Eid Milad – Charaghan and Floral Decoration
    Jan, 2014


    After a huge success of Christmas Gift Sharing, TEPF came up with another exciting event in which SOS (all students) and St. Joseph (60 students) … Continue reading

  • Grafitti Cleaning
    Jan, 2014


    After Litter Picking at Multan Fort, LGS Boys and Mission School Boys cleaned the Graffiti from Fort walls. Student were extremely excited to be a … Continue reading

  • Litter Picking – Multan Fort
    Jan, 2014.


    LGS Boys and Mission School Boys assembled for Litter Picking at Multan Fort on 12th Jan. This event followed by Graffiti removal activities. See PicturesSee … Continue reading

  • Movie Screening and Discussion
    Jan, 2014


    After Litter Picking, 60 students from Mission Schools (7 & 8 grades) and 60 students from LGS (7 & 8 grades) were gathered to watch … Continue reading

  • Litter Picking – Lake Park, Multan
    Jan, 2014


    60 students from Mission Schools (7 & 8 grades) and 60 students from LGS (7 & 8 grades) gathered for Litter Picking at Lake Park, … Continue reading

  • Christmas Gift Sharing, SOS Village School and St. Joseph students
    Dec, 2013


    A Christmas gift giving at St. Joseph Bishop House. TEPF prepared 60 gift baskets/boxes and bused 60 SOS (Muslim) kids bearing gifts to St. Joseph … Continue reading

  • Tree planting at SOS Village
    December, 2013


    Thirty trees were planted on SOS School campus . This activity was opened to all kids/ target beneficiaries. It was followed by non-bio litter picking. … Continue reading

  • Movie Screening
    December, 2013

    Films Bol was screened at the SOS campus. The aim was to further reinforce concepts of religious, social and cultural tolerance. Students from grades 7 … Continue reading

  • Galyat Cleanup campaign
    July, 2013


    Started in July, 2013, Galyat cleanup project got accomplished within a week and its credit goes to our young volunteers from LGS Main and Educators … Continue reading

  • Katas Temple
    Oct, 2012


    Katas clean-up event arranged in October, 2012 gathered more than one hundred volunteers from Lahore along with thirty plus student volunteers from local government school … Continue reading

  • Neelum Valley boot-camp
    Aug, 2012


    To help protect the beauty of Northern areas of Pakistan, TEPF arranged a boot-camp in Neelum Valley where volunteers helped clean up the area with … Continue reading

  • LWMC Railway Track
    April, 2012


    On 3rd April our volunteers arrived at Phatak once more for another clean-up. Our CEO was busy petitioning still to get the train removed, but … Continue reading

  • Phatak-Phase2 (Railway Tracks)
    April, 2012


    The cleaning phase 2 of Phatak was carried out in April, 2012. The community living nearby was curious about our intentions regarding the area. TEPF … Continue reading

  • Walled City
    April, 2012


    In April, 2012, A Clean up campaign was organized by The Environmental Protection Fund at Walled City Lahore in which students from different institutes collected … Continue reading

  • Phatak-Phase1 (Railway Tracks)
    March, 2012


    On 27th March, 2012, TEPF team made its first attempt to clean up the phatak area. Initially, it seemed to be a difficult task considering … Continue reading

  • Barka
    Feb, 2012


    A clean and green initiative taken in a village named “Barka” located in the outskirts of Lahore. The area was filthy due to poor sewage … Continue reading

  • Zafar Ali Khan Road
    Jan, 2012


    With a group of 400 students and volunteers from various branches of LGS, St. Anthony’s, Beacon House, NCBA&E, LACAS, Sacred Heart and many other schools, … Continue reading

  • Kaghan Valley
    July, 2011

    A collaboration between LGS 55 Main and TEPF led 27 volunteers to Kaghan Valley for a field internship. It was a week of clean-ups (Mainly … Continue reading