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TEPF has designed a program where a diverse group of student volunteers are asked to commit to community service and are required to attend seminars and participate in community service activities organized by TEP to earn a certificate from TEPF.

Several workshops and seminars are held during the course of the program. The seminars, workshops and activities are designed to create awareness re tolerance, build barriers to hate, reduce vulnerability to be inducted to extremism & hate/religious propaganda and to develop a sense of pride and self-esteem in the youth. Hands-on work opportunity is provided where student volunteers put in their sweat equity to turn a select school campus into a “Green Campus”.

Over a period of several months of working and interacting together, the young volunteers form long term relationships and friendships, a strong antidote to hate and prejudice.


  1. Social Responsibility and Environment – SRE. Students learn the difference between biodegradable and non-biodegradable trash, separation and proper disposal of trash. Concepts of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3R’s), war on plastic shoppers etc. Their (students) role/social responsibility towards the environment.
  2. Breaking Barriers & Faces of Tolerance – BBFT. The students are sensitized to the concept of tolerance with an attempt to break barriers of separation and distrust and promote peace, interfaith, cultural and social harmony.
  3. Organic Gardening, Tree Planting & Composting – OGTPC. Students learn how to plant trees, create kitchen gardens and make compost from kitchen waste. Seminar includes methods of Hot & Cold Composting.
  4. Population Management (PM) – Students are sensitized about the population explosion, its impact on the environment, financial & natural resources and overall wellbeing of a family unit. Awareness is created regarding health hazard of first cousin marriages/inbreeding.


  1. Litter Picking and Separation of Trash (bio and non-biodegradable). Organized at parks, historical & religious places and school campuses.
  2. Trees and Grass Planting. Organized at parks and school campuses.
  3. Kitchen Gardens & Composting. At school campuses with residential facilities.
  4. Church/ Mosque Exploration (during service hours) with explanation of rituals and religious history.
  5. Gift exchange (between Christian and Muslim kids) and celebration of Christmas and Eid Milad-ul-Nabi.
  6. Celebration of Holi/festival of color/festival of lights
  7. Campus Facelift Activities. Cleaning, scraping and painting walls.
  8. Graffiti and Poster Removal. Organized at historical places.
  9. Art Movie Screenings (on social, cultural and religious issues) and Fireside Chats.
  10. Cookout – eradicate the notion of “untouchable” in the Muslim kids/community.
  11. Seminar on green technology & solar installation