• ncbae


    This institution has been providing a reliable source of volunteers. For some students TEPF’s community service program has been included into the curriculum. For others this is a fulfilling way to spend the weekend. Either way, we are thankful for their determination and loyalty to TEPF.

  • lgs

    Lahore Grammer School

    LGS-55 Main. The students of this institution have been volunteering with TEPF since our very first event. Due to their regular interaction with TEPF, several trips to Northern Areas were organized for these volunteers in order to expand the Non-profit’s work to other areas of Pakistan. LGS 55 Main students remain deeply involved with TEPF to this day.

  • pha-150x1501

    Park & Horticulture Authority

    The Park and Horticulture Authority donated 120 trees for TEPF’s railway phattak project. Not only did they provided us with a way to beautify an otherwise bare neighbourhood, but PHA helped our student volunteers to plant the trees themselves, allowing everyone to enjoy a more hands-on approach.

  • cleanlhr

    Lahore Waste Management Company

    LWMC has been very supportive and worked in conjunction with TEPF in many cleanup events organized in Lahore.

  • arbisoft


    Arbisoft has been immensely helpful in hosting our web presence and managing our social media. The CEO of the company is on TEPF’s board.